Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Solent River

Palaeolithic Archaeology of the Solent River


Edited by Francis Wenban-Smith and Robert Hosfield
LSS Occasional Paper 7, 2001

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F.F. Wenban-Smith Introduction.
J.K. Dix The Pleistocene geology of the Solent River system
D.R Bridgland The Pleistocene evolution and Palaeolithic occupation of the Solent River
M.R. Bates The meeting of the waters: raised beaches and river gravels of the Sussex Coastal Plain/Hampshire Basin
Derek A. Roe Some Earlier Palaeolithic find-spots of interest in the Solent region
F.F. Wenban-Smith As represented by the Solent River: handaxes from Highfield, Southampton
R.D. Loader Priory Bay, Isle of Wight: a review of current knowledge
G.D. Marshall The Broom Pits: a review of research and a pilot study of two Acheulian biface assemblages
R.T. Hosfield The Lower Palaeolithic of the Solent: site formation and interpretive frameworks
K. Wilkinson Prospecting the Palaeolithic: strategies for the archaeological investigation of Middle Pleistocene deposits in southern England