Jacobi Bursary

Roger Jacobi, one of the great prehistorians of the 20th and early 21st centuries, sadly died in early December 2009. A founding member of the Lithic Studies Society, Roger was a meticulous researcher with an astonishing breadth of knowledge of the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. He was also an inspirational teacher, generous with his time and knowledge, and his legacy lies not just in his great contribution to Palaeolithic and Mesolithic research, but also in the many researchers and students in whom he inspired a life-long love and enthusiasm for the subject. In 2015, the society published a volume of papers in honour of Roger. The proceeds from its sale fund the Roger Jacobi Bursary.

Roger’s research was built on an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Britain’s museums and their collections. In recognition of this, the Jacobi Bursary is intended to support research with museum collections and archives. Applications for the bursary are invited from students, academics, others professionally engaged in lithic study, and those simply pursuing an interest in lithics as a hobby. It is expected that applicants are members of LSS, though no minimum membership period is required. The bursary can be used to support activities in the UK or abroad.

Details for applying will follow.