Wymer Bursary

John Wymer, who sadly died in February 2006, was a highly regarded archaeologist, at home in the company of both professional and amateur archaeologists. Although an expert practitioner of all aspects of archeology, John’s main expertise and interest was in the field of lithic studies, with a particular interest in the Palaeolithic. John was also a life member and former Chairman of the Lithic Studies Society.


John Wymer at Swanscombe
The 2004 EuroMam (European Quaternary Mammal Research Association) trip
(thanks to Andrei Sher for permission to reproduce this photograph)

Applications for the bursary are invited from students, academics, others professionally engaged in lithic study, and those simply pursuing an interest in lithics as a hobby. The Society is most likely to support applications to carry out work that is archaeological, geological or anthropological in nature but there is no restriction on the scope of applications. When established it was specified that the bursary could have been used “towards excavation expenses, fieldwork, study of collections, and participation in a conference or travel, with a case may be made for other uses”. In recent years however, the number of applications has increased to such an extent that the Committee has decided to restrict the type of research being funded by the Wymer bursary for 2017–2018. Consequently the LSS Wymer bursary will NOT fund student participation in excavations in the UK or abroad, or applications to attend conferences whether presenting a paper or not. We welcome applications which focus on research related expenses where the research may involve the study of collections, excavation, or other uses if a case is made e.g. outreach or education related applications. It is expected that applicants are members of LSS, though no minimum membership period is required. The bursary can be used to support activities in the UK or abroad. As a result of these changes, please note there is a new application form. The Committee are presently looking into establishing a separate bursary for LSS conference and activity attendance. We will notify members if and when this is agreed over the coming months.

Successful applicants will provide accounts and a brief report on the activity supported by the bursary. The latter will be published in the Society’s annual journal, Lithics. Details on the 2018-2019 award will be presented here in due course.

¹The award is subject to the Society having the appropriate funds. In exceptional years there may be two awards.