Stories in Stone

Stories in Stone


Edited by Nick Ashton and Andrew David
Proceedings of Anniversary Conference at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, April, 1993

Lithic Studies Society Occasional Paper 4, 1994

No longer available through the Lithics Studies Society.


I. Dating and Scientific Techniques
Mike Tite Introduction to Science-based stone artefact studies.
Nick Debenham A guide TL dating flint assemblages.
Robert Hedges & Stewart Freeman The possibility of dating lithics from diffused nitrogen profiles.
Robert Ixer Does ore petrography have a practical role in the finger-printing of rocks?
Cristina Cattaneo, Keith Gelsthorpe, Phil Dixon, John Gale, Pat Phillips & Robert Sokol Erratic survival: blood on stones.
David Bridgland Dating of Lower Palaeolithic industries within the framework of the lower Thames terrace sequence.
II. Raw Materials and Petrology
John Wymer Introduction: raw materials and petrology – an overview.
Peter Berridge Cornish axes factories: fact or fiction?
Alan Saville Exploitation of lithic resources for stone tools in earlier prehistoric Scotland.
Lawrence Barfield The exploitation of flint in the Monti Lessini, northern Italy.
III. Resource Management
Andrew Brown Pedaling the management cycle: resource management and the role of the Lithic Studies Society.
A.J. Schofield Looking back with regret; looking forward with optimism: making the more of surface lithic scatters.
Robin Holgate Binford’s hyperbole: the curation of flintwork.
F.F. Wenban-Smith Managing the Palaeolithic heritage: looking backwards, looking forward.
IV. Technology and Use Wear Analysis
Nick Barton Introduction: some technological thoughts on squeezing blood from stones.
Louise Austin The life and death of a Boxgrove biface.
Tristan Carter Sourthern Aegean fashion victims: an over-looked aspect of Early Bronze Age burial practices.
Linda Hurcombe From functional interpretation to cultural choices in tool uses: the behaviour-function link.
Randolph Donahue The current state of lithic microwear research.
Rachel Ransom The technology of the perforated mace-heads of Orkney.
V. Typology
Frances Healy Typology: the maker’s or the analyst’s?
Nick Ashton & John McNabb Bifaces in perspective.
Roger Jacobi Mesolithic radiocardon dates: a first review of some recent results.
Michael Reynier A stylistic analysis of ten early Mesolithic sites in south-east England.
Roy Froom, Jill Cook, Nick Bebenham & Janet Ambers Wawcott XXX: an interim report on a Mesolithic site in Berkshire.
Peter Woodman Towards a definition of the Irish early Neolithic lithic assemblages.