Stone Age Archaeology

Stone Age Archaeology: Essays in Honour of John Wymer


Edited by N.M. Ashton, F. Healy and P.B. Pettitt
LSS Occasional Paper 6, Oxbow Monograph 102, 1998

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Andrew Lawson & Andrew Rogerson Bifaces, booze and the blues. Anecdotes from the life and times of a Palaeolithic archaeologist.
R.J. MacRae J.J.W. A tribute from the Upper Thames.
John McNabb On the move. Theory, time averaging and resource transport at Olduvai Gorge.
H.J. Deacon Elandsfontein and Klassies River revisited.
David Bridgland The Pleistocene history and early human occupation of the river Thames valley.
Derek A. Roe As represented by the Thames valley.
Simon G. Lewis Quaternary stratigraphy and Lower Palaeolithic archaeology of the Lark valley, Suffolk.
Bruce Gladfelter Hoxne, Suffolk: time matters.
John A.J. Gowlett Unity and diversity in the Early Stone Age
N.Ashton & P.Dean An intutive sense …
Phil A. Harding An interim report of an archaeological watching brief on Palaeolithic deposits at Dunbridge, Hants.
J.Cook & R.Jacobi Observations on the artefacts from the breccia at Kent’s Cavern.
F.F. Wenban-Smith Clactonian and Acheulian industries in Britain: their chronology and significance reconsidered.
Mark J. White Twisted ovate bifaces in the British Lower Palaeolithic: some observations and implications.
Clive Gamble Handaxes and Palaeolithic individuals.
Katharine Scott Southern rivers.
Elaine Turner Pleistocene deposits and archaeological horizons in the Ariendorf gravel quarry. Lower Central Rhineland, Germany.
J.Cook & R.Jacobi Discoidal core technology in the Palaeolithic at Oldbury, Kent.
S. Aldhouse-Green The archaeology of distance: perspectives from the Welsh Palaeolithic.
Peter C. Woodman Pushing out the boat for an Irish Palaeolithic.
Robert N.E. Barton Long blade technology and the question of British Late Palaeolithic/Early Holocene lithic assemblages.
Martin Street A Preboreal lithic assemblage from the Lower Rhineland site of Bedbury- Königshoven, Germany.
Michael Reynier Early Mesolithic settlement in England and Wales: some preliminary observations.
A.J. Roberts, R.N.E. Barton & J. Evans Early Mesolithic mastic: radiocarbon dating and analysis of organic residues from Thatcham III, Star Carr and Lackford Heath.
John Lord The methods used to produce a complete harpoon.
A. David Two assemblages of later Mesolithic microliths from Seamer Carr, North Yorkshire: fact and fancy
Peter Robins Mesolithic sites at Two Mile Bottom, near Thetford, Norfolk.
Alan Saville Studying the Mesolithic period in Scotland: a bibliographic gazetteer.
Frances Healy The surface of the Breckland.
John Wymer: A bibliography.