Lithics in Context

Lithics in Context: Suggestions for the Future Direction of Lithic Studies


Edited by A.J. Schofield
LSS Occasional Paper 5, 1995

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A.J. Schofield Artefacts mean nothing.
P.M.Graves-Brown Stone tools, dead sheep, saws and urinals: a journey through art and skill.
Clive Gamble Lithics and social evolution
A.G. Brown Beyond stone-age economics: a strategy for a contextual lithic analysis.
P.B. Pettitt The Mousterian Debate and Middle Palaeolithic variability: time please, ladies and gentleman.
J.J. Wymer The contexts of Palaeoliths.
J. Enamorado Lithics in a human ecological context: a critical review of some recent Spanish approaches.
P.J. Mitchell Stories in Stones: a review of south African lithic research.
J.L. Cormack Core-based heavy duty implements: are they important?
P. Spikins Virtual landscapes – GIS and lithic scatters.
A.J. Schofield Settlement mobility and la longue durée: towards a context for surface lithic material.
F.F. Wenban-Smith Managing the Palaeolithic heritage IV: the end of the beginning.
A.G. Brown Context means everything.