Membership Secretary

Committee Members of the Lithic Studies Society

Membership Secretary: Dr Rob Davis


I am a Palaeolithic archaeologist working on the Fragmented Heritage project at the University of Bradford. My primary research interests lie in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic record of Northern Europe. In particular, I am interested in changes in human technology and settlement history during the Middle Pleistocene, fluvial secondary context archaeology, and the development of new digital technologies for studying stone tools. Since leaving my previous career in construction management in 2005, I have worked on numerous commercial and academic fieldwork projects across the UK. I am currently involved in the British Museum excavations at the Lower Palaeolithic site of Barnham, Suffolk.

All enquiries about membership should be sent care of:

British Museum, Department of Prehistory and Europe (Quaternary Section),
Franks House, 38-56 Orsman Road, London. N1 5QJ