Lithics 31 (2010): past Lives from Cold Stone: 30 years of the Lithic Studies Society



B. Scott & A.D. Shaw Editorial View
F.W.F. Foulds Investigating the individual? An experimental approach through lithic refitting View
R.M. Wragg-Sykes Beyond bout coupés: the dynamic role of bifaces in the British Mousterian View
R.N.E. Barton Regional and chronological patterns in lithic raw material behaviour during the late glacial and some implications for the British Later Upper Palaeolithic View
B.T.-Y. Chan Durrington Walls then and now: the description, interpretation and meaning of a monstrous assemblage View
F. Klimscha Production and use of flint and ground-stone axes at Mãgura Gorgana near Pietrele, Giurgiu County, Romania View
V. Cummings A view from the outside: some thoughts on the research priorities for Mesolithic and Neolithic studies in Britain and Ireland View
A. Saville The origins and first 30 years of the Lithic Studies Society View
J.H. Doman A bout coupé biface found in the Chelmer Valley and its implications for Neanderthal presence in Essex View
T.B. Ballin, R. White, P. Richardson, & T. Neighbour An early Mesolithic stone tool assemblage from Clachan Harbour, Raasay, Scottish Hebrides View

Supplementary information for Ballin et al.

O. Williams-Thorpe, P.C. Webb, & P.J. Potts New geochemical analyses of nine rhyolitic axes of Group VIII type, and comparison with axe manufacturing sites in south-west Wales View
P. Harding Axes and pits: Early Neolithic flint working at Poundbury Farm, Dorchester, Dorset View
A.P. McLaren Household production in the Middle Bronze Age of southern and eastern England: the Mid Term Car Park (MTCP) assemblage, Stansted Airport, Essex, England View
John Wymer Bursary 2009 & 2010 View
B.T.-Y. Chan, A. Gkotsinas, P. Halstead, V. Isaakidou, C. Tsoraki & V. Tzevelekidi Experimental butchery with stone tools: a preliminary report View
W. Chu Experimental investigations into fluvial modification processes of the earlier Palaeolithic record View
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Obituaries View
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