Constitution of the Lithic Studies Society

1 Name

The name of the society will be the LITHIC STUDIES SOCIETY.

2 Objects

The objects of the society shall be the advancement of knowledge of, and education and research in, lithic studies. Lithic study is defined as all aspects of the extraction, manufacture, distribution and use of lithic artifacts, particularly the knapped or polished stone artifacts of prehistoric man. In furtherance of these objects the society shall: hold meetings, seminars and conferences; publish and disseminate information and act in other ways that further these objects.

3 Annual Journal Lithics

The Society should produce an annual Journal Lithics, to be issued once per year, which should include contributions on any lithic related matters and any other matters thought to be of interest.

4 Membership

Membership of the society shall be open to all individuals and institutions interested in the objects of the society, subject to election by the Executive Committee and the payment of an annual subscription. Two individuals at the same address may join as joint members.

5 Executive Committee

An executive committee shall undertake the management of the affairs of the society. This committee shall comprise eight (8) officers and four (4) ordinary members.

6 Officers

The Officers of the Society shall comprise a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, the Editor of Lithics, a Webmaster, a Publicity Officer and an Events Officer. The executive committee may co-opt assistants to help any officer. Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and serve for a maximum of three (3) years with the exception of Vice Chair/Chair. All Officers may stand again for election provided that there has been a three (3) year gap between finishing their term and standing for re-election EXCEPT in the event that no-one else has come forward to fill the role and the person is willing to stand for re-election for a further term. Officers. may stand for election as Ordinary Members after finishing their term of office. Under normal circumstances, the Vice Chair will be elected with a view to becoming Chair. Having acted as Vice Chair for one (1) year, s/he will then take on the role of Chair for two (2) years before standing down to the position of Vice Chair for a further one (1) year.

7 Ordinary Committee Members

The four (4) Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Individuals may serve as Ordinary Committee Members for three (3) years and may stand again for election to any

8 Elections

Any member of the society may stand for election to the Executive Committee as an Officer or Ordinary Committee Member provided that his or her annual subscription has been paid and that that they have been members for at least a full year. The Executive Committee shall be elected annually at the annual general meeting. The Executive Committee shall nominate officers and Ordinary Committee Members and the list of nominations shall be sent to all members of the society at least thirty (30) days before the annual general meeting. Members of the society may make additional nominations provided that they are received by the Secretary thirty (30) days before the annual general meeting, are supported by three (3) members each of at least a full year’s membership and that the agreement of the nominee has been received by the Secretary thirty (30) days before the annual general meeting.

9 Co-option

The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt to fill any vacancies that may arise in the Committee until the following annual general meeting. The Executive Committee may also invite other individuals from within or from outside the society to attend committee meetings for specific reasons but these individuals shall have no voting rights and will be excluded from any confidential matters at such meetings.

10 Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet as and when necessary, but not less than two (2) times per year. The Secretary shall give committee members at least twenty-one (21) days’ notification of the time and place of the meetings. At any meeting four (4) committee members of whom one must be the Chair or Vice-Chair, shall form a quorum. The Chair or Vice-Chair shall have the casting vote.

11 Other Meetings

The society shall hold a minimum of four (4) meetings a year of which one shall be the annual general meeting, held in October each year. All members of the society shall receive thirty (30) days’ notification of the time and place of meetings.

12 Procedure

The Chair or Vice-Chair shall preside at all meetings. If neither is present the Secretary shall invite another Executive Committee member to preside.

13 Chair’s Duties

The Chair shall be the presiding Officer of the society. The Chair shall co-ordinate the activities of the society and actively seek to ensure the furtherance of the society’s objects. Under normal circumstances, the Chair’s role will be directly linked to that of the Vice Chair (see 14).

14 Vice-Chair Duties

The person elected to the position of Vice-Chair will be taken on with the expectation that s/he will become Chair after one year in the position of Vice Chair. S/he shall deputise for the Chair when necessary. In addition the Vice-Chair shall have special responsibility for overseeing any literature, publications or material issued in the Society’s name, and for maintaining an archive of the society’s literature. In this regard the Vice-Chair will automatically act as Chair of any Editorial Sub-Committee which might be formed. Having been Vice Chair for one (1) year, then Chair for two (2) years, the outgoing Chair will then hold the position of Vice Chair for a further one (1) year before stepping down.

15 Secretary’s Duties

The Secretary shall make arrangements for the general organisation and conduct of meetings. The Secretary shall issue all notification of meetings and draw up agendas and programmes as necessary. The Secretary or other member of the Executive Committee member designated by the Secretary shall take the minutes of the proceedings of the annual general meetings and shall enter them in the minute books. The Secretary shall cause all records of other meetings to be kept and shall report to the Executive Committee matters relating to the business of the society.

16 Treasurer’s Duties

The Treasurer shall receive and keep account of all monies of the society. The Treasurer shall produce accounts whenever required by the Executive Committee, and shall also present a statement of the society’s finance to the annual general meeting. All monies received for the society shall be paid into a bank appointed by the Executive Committee to hold its accounts. The Treasurer shall be empowered by the Executive Committee to sign cheques and or issue other payment instructions in his/her cognisance on behalf of the society. In addition it shall be the Treasurer’s responsibility to produce lists of names and addresses of all society members as and when required by the Executive Committee.

17 Editor’s Duties

The Editor’s duties are to seek contributions for Lithics, to edit and be responsible for publication and distribution of Lithics to paid-up members.

18 Sub-committees

Sub-committees shall be appointed to undertake specific aims of the society as and when appropriate. The title, terms of reference, composition and duration of sub-committees shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

19 Special General Meetings

A special general meeting may be called at any time by the Chair (or Vice-Chair if the Chair is unavailable), the Executive Committee or any six (6) members of the society on application to the Secretary. Not less than thirty (30) days’ notice of the date and purpose of a special general meeting shall be given to members, and no business shall be considered at such meeting other than that for which it was convened.

20 Dissolution

The society shall not be dissolved except at a special general meeting called for this purpose. The motion of dissolution must be passed by a majority of two-thirds of the members of the society present.

21 Subscriptions

The administrative year of the society shall run from 1st October to the following 30th September. The first Annual Subscription shall be paid on joining the society but if a member joins in August or September, the subscription shall cover the whole of the following administrative year. With this exception, all Annual Subscriptions shall become due on 1st October. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears are not eligible to receive material from the society and may be excluded from meetings if attendance is restricted for any reason. Members whose subscriptions are more than one year in arrears may be removed from the Society by the Executive Committee provided that the Treasurer has sent a final reminder at the end of the year. Members are responsible for keeping the society informed of changes of address. The amount of the Annual Subscription shall be re-assessed annually by the Executive Committee, and any changes recommended shall be placed before the society’s members at the annual general meeting by the Treasurer.

22 Monies

Monies derived from subscriptions, donations or other sources shall be used (a) for the administrative and organisational costs of the society and (b) for financing publications and other activities sponsored by the society.

23 Constitution

No alteration or addition to the Constitution of the Society shall be made except by a majority of the members of the society present at an annual or special general meeting.

Constitution originally drafted October 1979; revised and issued January 1980.
Alan Saville

Constitution revised 27th March 1995 following Annual General Meeting of 1stDecember 1993.
J Lewis

Constitution revised 23rd October 2002 at the Annual General Meeting
Ian Herbertson