Flint and stone tools have been manufactured and used since the earliest times and arguably they represent the world’s oldest technology. The Lithic Studies Society was founded in 1979 to advance the international study of lithic industries, and particularly flaked and ground artefacts, in the broadest possible context. Our member’s interests are diverse, spanning Palaeolithic to historic periods across many areas of the world. The Society provides a convivial forum for the exchange of ideas and information and, to this end, the Society:

  • Holds lectures, day meetings, conferences and organises field trips – usually including opportunities to view and handle artefacts.
  • Publishes an annual journal Lithics, which contains peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and news of the Society’s related activities. Publishes Occasional Papers on conference proceedings and thematic volumes.
  • Promotes the highest standards of lithics research and reporting, and recognition of the role of lithics in broader studies of the past.
  • Advocates and contributes to policies relevant to lithic studies, such as English Heritage’s Lithic Scatters (2001) and Research Priorities for Holocene Lithics (2004).

If you would like to join the society please see our joining page.